Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions section is like a contract between us. Pharmers make information and services available to its customers, and customers should follow rules of engagement.

General terms and conditions for services booked by customers agree to:

-Communicate any changes to orders before making said changes, failure to do so can result in withdrawal and cancellation of services upon breach.

-Online bookings are required to generate zoom link through the software, bookings made through email may incur delays.

-Online bookings must be made the week before the intended consultation date (at least 3 days before)

-When you book for a consultation, an invoice for payment will be sent to you soon after. Make payment into Pharmers account (as shown below) within 24 hours to confirm the appointment.

when you book a service, an invoice is valid and payable up to 72 hours from issue.

-If this payment is not received through a proof of payment email (send pdf to [email protected]) then the booking will automatically be cancelled.

-Pharmers automatically provides confidentiality in all projects and consultations. If you desire a written & signed NDA, please request one by email.

-Floorplans drawn have a maximum of 3 alterations with the original architect of plans and the timelines will be subject to availability of that architects. We cannot predict how quickly this will be.

-Licencing services are limited to full initial submissions of applications. These services do not include any subsequent need/requests for recordings or providing shop fittings etc. unless booked for such additional services.

-Although Pharmers has an excellent track record of approvals, we cannot guarantee any outcome deliberated by the national authorities (SAPC, NDoH, SAHPRA). We may assist in correcting or appealing for reconsideration where appropriate.

-All additional payments required to SAPC or SAHPRA are to be paid by the applicant directly and the proof of payment sent to Pharmers for inclusion in application documents.

-You may request that Pharmers make those payments on your behalf as an applicant, by including these payments to your invoice.

-For projects above R20 000, a 60% deposit can be requested to commence the project and the  40% balance due on submission (subject to case number).

-Pharmers will not be held liable for delays incurred by applicants.

-defaulters who refuse or fail to pay their balances after work has been done, relinquish their right to privacy. Pharmers may release their full name, IDs, and addresses or even business profile to recover funds any way it deems fit. Whether through legal or public means.

-Pharmers will not be held liable for negative outcomes due to applicant doings.

-Pharmers will not process any refunds for services booked; but can offer alterations or changes to the business’ discretion.

-Pharmers Refund policy as described for masterclasses can be found in the Academy tab.

-Other specific terms and conditions can be found on invoice or in project sheet prior to making payment.

-It is the client responsibility to ensure they understand fully what they are paying for.